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Public Sector Sales

Choicecomm understands the needs of the Federal, State, and Local Governments and has successfully held a GSA schedule since 2005. The company has developed lasting relationships with manufacturers and government customers as a result of our technical knowledge of products and attention to details before and after a sale.

Choicecomm was founded in 2003 and currently managed by Woody Story, a BSEE, who previously was a digital communications engineer, national sales manager, and then co-owned two sales firms. He was the national sales manager for Telecommunications Techniques Corporation (later becoming JDSU Test and Measurement) from 1979-1984, and digital communications and applications engineer for the satellite communications division of Digital Communications Corporation (later becoming Hughes Network Systems). From 1985-2003 he was a partner in two sales firms, GT Associates and Story&Roberts Associates.

On The Lighter Side…

Choicecomm is a family operated business and Woody Story is a native of the Washington DC area. He was born in Bethesda, MD and raised in Kensington, Germantown, and Mount Airy Maryland. His off-hours are spent mostly with his family and home, but also with his lifelong hobby as a musician. His family values are the foundation of his business values. See Woody’s Bio below for his technical and management background.

Robert Story (Woody), owner

Overall Business Approach

Choicecomm is a team of well-vetted engineers, sales professionals, and admin/accounting experts who have joined forces to provide products for three areas of expertise, which are Information Technology, HVAC, and Water Treatment. The quick summary is that Choicecomm leverages its supply chain management and technical capabilities to offer products from well known manufacturers to bring quality products to our customers. This enables everyone to do what they do best and creates a very effective team. What makes it all work out in the end is attention to pro-active planning.

Product Sales Business Approach

It seems like a simple thing…just order some products…right? This would be true until you quickly need to find the best price, delivery, and support. It takes a long time to learn which manufacturers or suppliers are effective, what the price incentives are, establish working relationships, establish financing, and all the processes that get the right product to do the right job on-time. This is what many customers don’t have the time to chase down, so they can rely on Choicecomm to do it for them.

Customer Service Approach

Service is everything. When a customer is relying on Choicecomm to complete their product or service project, they need timely information and support. The most important job begins after the customer buys a product or service. The word for Choicecomm’s customer service is pro-active.