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Quick Choicecomm Highlights

Bringing together the best products, Choicecomm delivers planning, quality, products, support, punctuality, efficiency, designs that will produce a successful project.

Beginning a project with detailed planning, assures the best results.

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Choicecomm Provides IT Infrastructure Products with Reliability, Efficiency, Knowledge, Support.

Choicecomm Sells Products and Solutions on GSA and Open Market.

A Word About Choicecomm


Key Products

Here’s a short list of our typical Products, including Cable infrastucture, Power, Networking, Fiber Optics, Cooling, Hardware,, and more

Please feel free to call us at 301-831-0063 with any questions.

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  Let Us Be a Helpful Resource.

  We understand what we sell, so if you need assistance in finding the right product or want us to make installation   suggestions, contact us anytime.

Top 12 Products




Fiber and Copper Cabling/Management

KVMoIP, Secure KVM

Media Conversion

Electrical and Hardware

IP Video


Cable Infrastructure

Power (UPS/PDU) 


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Best in Class Support  

Direct contact with the designers and product specialists, Not just a support forum, but direct contact with the folks who do the work.  

Design Strategy

Planning and details from the start is a priority.

We believe the time spent up-front with our customers is key to on-time delivery.


Communicating the truth and potential road blocks at all times.

Being Proactive

Verify every milestone to catch potential issues in advance.

Let Us Be of Service

Sometimes you just need a little 'help' to get things just right!

Product Suggestions, Application Support, and more!


Take Us Up On Some Helpful ...IDEAS!

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Spotlight on Manufacturers

Data and Communications Center Products

Manufacturers with Comprehensive Product Offerings

Choicecomm is a Platinum Vertiv Solutions Provider.


  Choicecomm/Vertiv Partner Brochure download for Data Center Products



Visit the Sekuryx Secure Switch Product Portfolio

Newly improved Secure KVM Switches for the new NIAP Commom Criteria Profile Protection 4.0 .

Using GSA Schedules

A Great Product/Services Government Procurement Vehicle

EASY To Use, NEGOTIATED Pricing, MEETS Government Guidlines


      Visit Our GSA page


Please call us at 301-831-0063 or email us at for help with GSA details.

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  Product Procurement

  We sell products that are on our GSA schedule GS-35F-0593R and we also have teaming arrangements with our trusted suppliers GSA schedules.

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Installation Procurement  

We can provide Installation and other services for products we carry on our GSA schedule for unclassified and classified projects. Our Labor Rates for both are also included on our GSA schedule.  

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  Teaming Arrangements

  GSA teaming arrangements with other vetted suppliers allow us to provide more products through our GSA schedule

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