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Robert (Woody) Story

On the lighter side...

Choicecomm is a family operated business and Woody is a native of the Washington DC area. He was born in Bethesda, MD and raised in Kensington, Germantown, and Mount Airy Maryland. His off-hours time is spent mostly with his family and home, but also with his lifelong hobby as a musician. His family values are the foundation of his business values. See Woody's Bio below for his technical and management background.

  1. Overall Business Approach
  2. Product Sales Business Approach
  3. Installation Services Business Approach
  4. Customer Service Approach

My Education and Experience

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technical and Management Background

Brief Career Bio

Woody, a BSEE graduate from Capitol College in Maryland, has been in the IT Networking industry since 1975 and understands the market, products, manufacturers, and customer requirements. He began his career as a digital communications engineer at Digital Communications Corp. from 1975-1979. He then moved on in late 1979 to become the National Sales Manager for Telecommunications Techniques Corporation for 5 years (which became Acterna, then JDSU Test and Measurement division). Since 1984, as an independent communications networking sales professional, He has marketed IT Networking, Power, and structured cabling and other IT related products for virtually all leading Manufacturers. In recent years he has developed a team of IT Infrastructure product professionals for the supply and installation structured cabling, Power, Cooling, and Networking.

Attention to detail in every area of the company is the key to the success of Choicecomm.

Overall Business Approach

Choicecomm is a team of well-vetted manufacturing and distribution partners providing IT related products.The quick summary is that Choicecomm leverages its own IT supply chain management capabilities along with leveraging the proven capabilities of quality partners. This enables everyone to do what they do best and creates a very effective team. What makes it all work out in the end is attention to pro-active planning.

 Product Sales Business Approach

It seems like a simple thing...just order some products...right? This would be true until you quickly need to find the best price, delivery, and support. It takes a long time to learn which manufacturers or suppliers are honest, what price incentives are from various manufacturers or suppliers, establish working relationships, establish financing, and all the processes that get the right product to do the right job and on-time. This is what many installation companies don't have time to do so they rely on companies like Choicecomm.

Installation Services Business Approach

For the IT/Facility to Desktop installations we tackle, it takes experience...lots of it. It is critical to plan the project well in the beginning and through experience be able to anticipate the contingencies. The product procurement area is very critical because you need deep knowledge and experience to know what is available on the market to meet the application on time. Our success comes from years of selling products and building relationships with quality manufacturers and suppliers.

Customer Service Approach

Service is everything. When a customer is relying on Choicecomm to complete their product or service project, they need timely information and support. The important job begins after the customer buys a product or service. The word for Choicecomm's customer service is pro-active. If there is a change that affects the product or service, good or bad, we communicate it immediately. Or, if a customer makes a request and for any reason we can't fulfill the request immediately, we communicate that to the customer.