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2145 Cabin Branch Ct., Mount Airy, MD 21771

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Training at New Legacy Farm is based on educating a young pony in a timely manner while still allowing them to “be a pony”.  This results in a quiet, well rounded pony, who is willing and able to do what is asked of them, with a pleasant expression and way of going.


Each pony in training with New Legacy Farm is in a balanced routine of daily feeding and turnout, followed by effective and efficient groundwork and schooling which I believe form the basics to a successful training program for our young equine athletes.




Our approach is to keep the ponies in our program on a regular schedule with plenty of turnout, combined with carefully designed schooling sessions that do not, physically or mentally push them beyond their ability. We firmly believe that a good show pony is not just a star in the ring, but one that is educated in open, uneven terrain such as trails and cross country.  For this reason, our schooling sessions combine work indoors, outdoors, cross country, and on trails.  Not only does this give the ponies a broad range of things to experience, but also allows them to go from jumping combinations and courses indoors to strolling through the woods, crossing bridges and playing in creek water.



Full Care Training Board includes:            


•        8-12 hour small group or private turnout in large paddocks, round bales, and heated,

         automatic waterers.

•        12x12 stalls with quality hay, bedding, fans in summer, and heated waterers in winter.

•        12% sweet feed twice daily  (other feeding arrangements possible on case by case basis)

•        Application of all individual needs, including boots, blankets, meds, etc.

•        Daily grooming

•        Farrier and Veterinary services upon owners request

•        Worming program upon owners request


•        Four training sessions per week

•        Daily handling, grooming, etc. (emphasized with youngsters)

•        “Away” schooling sessions upon owners request

•        Local and rated showing upon owners request

*  Prior to arrival, all ponies are required to have a copy of current negative coggins test and must be up to

    date on all vaccinations and worming.*   

                     Please contact us for stall availability, pricing, scheduling or further questions.