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IT Infrastructure Products

IT Schedule 70, GS-35F-0593R

Information Technology Products and Services

Choicecomm has found the GSA IT schedule 70, GS-35F-0593R, to be a very sucessful means for the Government to to procure IT Infrastructure Products and Services, offering competitive products and services, streamlined ordering, and compliance with Federal guidelines.

GSA Product Purchases

Choicecomm has manufacturers products directly on its GSA schedule GS-35F-0593R and also has GSA teaming arrangements with distribution partners in order to completely fulfill GSA bills of material through its own GSA schedule. This allows one GSA order to be placed with Choicecomm in all cases.


Choicecomm offers many IT Infrastructure products such as UPS's, Racks, PDU's, Secure KVM Awitches, KVMoIP, Serial Console Switches, Cabling products, Network Switching, Fiber Optic products, IP and RF Video, and more....


Choicecomm offers manufacturers such as Vertiv, Liebert, Avocent, Z-Band, Coriant, all Blackbox products, and endless other manufacturers through our teaming arrangements. 

To find out more about Choicecomm's GSA schedule and how to order, email us at or visit GSA advantage.