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Meet Iain McKenzie

Sr. Account Manager, products and services - Choicecomm, LLC

About Iain

Sr. Account Manager

Iain has been with Choicecomm since 2009, is multi-talented, and is a Sr. Account Manager, but also aids in other areas of Choicecomm such as accounting and GSA schedule 70 administration. Iain has an in-depth knowledge of IT Product Manufacturers and Suppliers and understand how to keep a bid or project on-time. Iain also is involved with identifying and managing service projects. See Iain's extended Bio below.

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technical and Management Background

Brief Career Bio

Shortly after graduating from The American University in 1991 with a BSBA Management Information Systems and a concentration in Accounting, Iain took a job as an accountant with a small but growing management and consulting firm. Within 17 months he was the controller and during the next 18 years, was responsible for recording revenues that grew from $2 million to over $35 million.

In 2009, Iain started with Choicecomm as an account manager but has been an incredible overall resource for Choicecomm on many levels. This would include GSA schedule 70 administration, accounting advice, extensive project management experience for services, supply chain expertise, and an understanding of the timely procurement of IT Infrastructure products.